Dear Midlands 4x4 Club

I write this letter to thank you, the Midlands 4x4 club and all those who sponsored our Dads and Lads Captain Courage on the 30th June 2018. This was truly a special day for our dreamers and their dads.

Reach For A Dream fulfils the dreams of children between the ages of 3 and 18 years of age who suffer with life threatening illnesses. We help inspire hope, by helping our children to believe in the power of dreams. We also run projects like our Captain Courage project, this allows some of our boys to participate in an activity or event that has an element of fear and bravery. We wish to remind them that anything can be overcome with courage and bravery, to not let fear stop them from moving forward.

I would like to thank you all for helping us to remind our boys that no mountain is too big or pathway to tough that I cannot be overcome or crosses. You showed the boys through your vehicles that anything is possible, even that which seems possible. I know the boys were amazed by what you and your vehicles could do and even during some scary crossings, the thrill and excitement one the day for all involved. Thank you for giving our dads and lads a chance to have some quality time together and to experience what real 4x4’ing looks and feels like.

Thank you to all those who sponsored towards the amazing lunch that was given and to the wonderful goodie bags that were given to each father and son. We are so incredibly grateful for all your generosity and kindness. You have helped us make an impact in the lives of fathers and sons. This is a day that they will truly never forget, and in the words of one of our dreamers, that came across the radio…. “This is the best day ever!!!”

Thank you once again for partnering with Reach For A Dream and for putting together a rough and tough Captain Courage for our dreamers. We hope that we can make this an annual event and reach many more children with your support.


Kind regards
Kerry Donkin
KZN Manager
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