WhatsApp Etiquette



The club currently has two WhatsApp Groups:

  • Midlands 4x4 INFORMATION
  • 4x4 for Friends SOCIAL


The former group is the ‘official’ club group and is intended for club related information and announcements – similar in many ways to instant emails.

As its name implies the SOCIAL group is intended for chats and social interchange.


All members need to realise that whilst most members are keen and interested in 4 Wheel Drive subjects not all members need, or indeed want, to be constantly bombarded by (what is to them) irrelevant trivia. In the past this has led to some members withdrawing from the SOCIAL group which is neither in their interests nor those of the club.


The “acid” test is “Is the content of the message of 4 wheel drive interest or of interest to most members?”

If “yes” then go ahead and send

If “no” then do NOT send