The following is a guide to the rules and behaviour we expect members and visitors to follow whilst participating in a club event. These rules are intended for the safety of participants and the public, and to ensure participants arrive to the destination as a group.

REMEMBER: When in convoy, we are on display to the public and law enforcement officers, and as such it is expected that all participants are always, courteous to all other traffic and pedestrians.

Prior to departure:

All vehicles must be legally registered and roadworthy and have applicable permits in place (e.g. cross border documentation.

Ensure your vehicle has enough fuel (full tank), oil, water well before the event, and is mechanically able to complete the journey. If your car uses excessive fuel, let the Trip Leader know so fuel stop can be planned.

Ensure that your VHF Radio is working properly. It must also be on the correct channel as advised in the event notice.

Cross Border trips. Ensure that you have your passports, visas, and vehicle papers in order.

Ensure that your vehicle has your current years membership sticker displayed.

Ensure that you have a First Aid kit in your vehicle.

Ensure that you have recovery gear with you and that your vehicle has adequate recovery points.

If possible wear your club regalia, especially for day trips and first and last days of longer trips.

Arrive at least 15mins before the departure time. This allows organisers to brief everyone at once and not have to repeat instructions for latecomers.

When asked to depart, line up behind the Trip Leader as quickly as possible to avoid any lengthy delays to traffic.

The Leader will ask for a Radio check. Your response is to acknowledge the leader by giving your name and position in the convoy.

Unless advised otherwise, please ensure you have a meal before you leave home and carry snacks and enough water etc. for the trip.

Driver’s Briefing:

The Leader will appoint a Sweeper (the last vehicle) for each trip.

The Leader will confirm the route that is to be taken and when and where any stops will be.

The Leader will determine the order of the vehicles in the convoy based on slowest first and fastest last. He may also consider the skills of the drivers and their vehicles abilities. Once the order has been set, it will remain in that order for the rest of the trip unless the leader changes it.

The Leader (Lead Vehicle):

The Leader must always obey the speed limits and other road regulations. He should travel slightly slower than the speed limit knowing that the convoy may be spread out over a fair distance and considering the other driver’s abilities etc.

Always keep the following vehicle in sight.

If a lot of traffic, intersections, and other obstacles are encounted, it may be necessary to pull over somewhere safely to reform.

He will advise the convoy of any obstacles ahead.

Sweep Vehicle:

The sweep vehicle must maintain his position at all times.

He must contact the Leader if the vehicles at the rear have to travel too fast to keep up.

He is the ONLY vehicle to stop to aid another vehicle that has stopped for any reason.

He will let the Leader whenever he as the last vehicle has safely negotiated any obstacle, turn, etc.

He will advise the convoy if there are any vehicles coming from behind that want to overtake the convoy.

Convoy Rules:

VHF Radios on the correct channel. This will be communicated to you at the driver’s briefing.

Headlights ON!

It is each individual driver's responsibility to keep the vehicle behind him or her in sight, insuring the group stays together. If the car behind slows down, please slow down with it. If each car does this convoy will stay together.

Do not go faster than you feel comfortable driving!

Do not overtake another vehicle in the convoy unless its an emergency or the leader has asked you to.

Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, BUT do not loose sight of the vehicle behind you!

Do not follow too close to any vehicle in front of you. Allow non-convoy vehicles to overtake and slot in front of you if required.

Take it easy. Stay focused and relax.

Overtake ONLY when it is safe to do so. Never overtake on solid white lines, bends and any other place where the way ahead is not clear

NEVER advise other members that the road is clear etc.!

Everyone must stay in their vehicle at stops unless the Leader has indicated that you may alight from your vehicle.

In the case of a breakdown, inform the Leader and Sweep vehicles and pull over to the side of the road. ONLY the sweeper will stop to assist. The rest of the convoy will find a safe place to pull over and wait.

Fuel, Food, and comfort breaks. These will be announced at the driver’s briefing or along the way. At a fuel stop, please fuel up as quickly as possible. Once you have filled your tank, move your vehicle to allow others quickly through. While the driver is filing up the passengers may alight and get food or go to the ablutions. The driver on clearing the pumps must proceed to the assembly point and may then attend to his ablutions etc.

When approaching toll gates, slow down, pay your tolls, and then form up behind the convoy. The Leader will have found somewhere safe to pull over past the toll gates.

Should the convoy become separated and you reach a change in track direction and there is no vehicle to indicate the next stage, wait for the previous vehicle to return. DO NOT proceed any further!

Off Road, always give the vehicle in front of you enough space to clear the obstacle before you tackle it.

No vehicle is to break and leave the convoy, unless the Leader and the Sweep vehicle have been informed first.

All GATES are to be left as they were found!


The success of a convoy depends on the FUNDAMENTAL RULE OF CONVOY DRIVING, being the driver of each vehicle staying, WITHOUT FAIL, with the vehicle BEHIND and NOT the vehicle in FRONT.

In practice this means that each driver, starting with the lead vehicle, drives in such a way that they never lose visual contact, for any significant period, with the vehicle following.

DO NOT attempt to stay with the car in front under any circumstance.  Your responsibility and allegiance is with the vehicle BEHIND you.  Keep the vehicle behind you in sight, if it is not the STOP in a safe place asap!

If ALL vehicles adhere to this rule, the Leader will eventually stop, and the convoy can reform. The convoy will ONLY proceed once all the vehicles have caught up.

You should drive at a speed and in such a way that the vehicle behind you stays in contact.