Code of Conduct of the FWD Club of SA – Midlands

Laws and Regulations

Respect and abide by the rules and regulations of the country, national parks, conservation and public areas.
Keep to the laws and regulations that apply to four wheel driving for the area you drive in.
Be respectful of the authorities and be of positive attitude when interacting with them.
Respect the right of privacy, peace and solitude of other human beings.
Obtain permission before driving on private land.
Be considerate and helpful to fellow drivers.

Fauna and Flora

Preserve our fauna and flora.
Never disturb animals it may affect their survival.
Obey fire restrictions and always extinguish campfires.
Bring out all that you take in, including rubbish.
Preserve and respect all plant and animal life.

Vehicle Perfection

Keep your vehicle mechanically sound and clean to reduce environmental impact.
Carry sufficient tools, spares and recovery equipment.
Ensure that the vehicle you are driving has sufficient recovery points.

Fellow Road Users

Abide to the traffic rules.
Drive defensively and set an example to others.
Be friendly and courteous to fellow road users.


Take responsibility for your actions.
Promote the safe and responsible use of four wheel drive vehicles.
Accept responsibility for your group.
Do not drink and drive.


Support four wheel driving as a responsible and legitimate recreational activity.
Obey the constitution and rules of your club.

Responsible Off-Road Driving

Keep to existing roads and tracks ; do NOT make new roads.
Avoid sensitive eco systems.
Travel in a group or with another vehicle in remote areas.
Maintain communication with other drivers in your group.
Take adequate water, food, first aid and fuel.
Plan trips carefully before departure.
If driving in convoy, please adhere to convoy procedure.
No persons allowed in the rear of open vehicles when driving any of the obstacles.