General Equipment Required

  • VHF Radio, preferably a mobile unit, but at least a hand held/portable unit.
  • Approved Recovery Points
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Recovery Gear
    • Snatch Rope
    • Rated Shackles x 2
    • Tow Rope
    • Leather Gloves
  • Other
    • Climbing Rope 10mm x 30m
    • General Tools
    • Key Spares for your vehicle
    • Spare Keys and Remote/Alarm Batteries

Trip Planning

  • Must elect ONE person in charge
  • He sets the GROUND RULES for the trip
  • He PLANS the route and Itinerary
  • He must DELEGATE to others

Water Crossing

  • ONE person must be in CHARGE
  • Have any DISCUSSIONS BEFORE entering the water
  • WALK the water to check depth first
  • Attach a ROPE to the vehicle entering the water irrespective of the distance across
  • Attach the ROPE to both the FRONT & REAR of the vehicle using approved recovery points
  • If water is flowing FAST, secure a rope to another vehicle